A Dog Gone (Hot) But Fun Play Day

By: David Codr

Published Date: June 21, 2015


We hosted another dog play day at the DGP compound today, clockwise from bottom left; Farley, Avery, Brewton, Farley, Shunka. Cali Mishka and Oggy.


It was a pretty hot day so the dogs started out with some chill time in the shade. Here Farley, Shunka and Mishka plunked themselves down into the new grass to rest up.


Cali and Brewton stayed behind Farles for the deep shade in the corner of the spot.


After a slow start, everyone started to get to know one another. Here little Farley strolls on over to see what Avery and Oggy are up to.


It was great to see shy Oggy learning how to interact and play with strange dogs. Here he is running around with Mishka while Brewton watches from afar.


Little Farley stayed over by the shade on the far side of the yard until Mishka came over to invite him to play with the rest of the pack.


One by one, the dog’s guardians picked up their charges 4-5 hours later. Little Mishka was the last dog standing, well sort of. The poor little pup was so spent she racked out on the floor in the living room while I chatted up her guardians.

All in all it was a good, albeit long day. But best of all, it looks like we found a few new members of the Dog Gone Team. We will be making an official announcement in a few days. Right now, we all need to get our chill on and recover from the fun day in the sun.

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