Feature Story on Dog Gone Problems

By: David Codr

Published Date: August 17, 2015


It was a real honor to be the subject of a feature story in the Omaha World Herald. Ashlee Coffee did a great job of condensing my way-too-long answers into a concise story that people seem to enjoy reading.

I used to avoid mentioning my early interaction with the dog that got me into dog behavior work, but it led me to where I am now and its a part of who I am.

If you missed the feature story, you can check it out with this link.

Also have to give Katie In a big THANK YOU for all the amazing photos she took.

Photoshoot Sitting Treating

They say you never want to work with kids of animals in show business. Well the day we shot the photos it was HOT and the dogs weren’t as cooperative as we were hoping for. I tried reading to them a bit, but it didn’t help.

Photoshoot Chaise Lounge Read

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