Dog Sitting (at your home)

Sam sits w Dals - Dog Sitting (at your home)
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Leaving town? Need someone to watch your dog while you are gone? You have come to the right place.

Our dog sitters will watch your dog at your home so your four legged friend feels nice and comfortable as opposed to staying at a dog daycare facility. Dog boarding can be fine for some dogs, but dogs with reactivity or dog aggression issues are relegated to play rooms by themselves which isn’t much fun.

Our in home dog sitting service is a much better option. Your dog stays at home in the surroundings its comfortable with. You also get the bonus of having a responsible person watch your home too.

We will keep your dog on its normal feeding schedule, give any meds or supplements, take it for daily walks and play with it to make sure it has a good time while you are traveling.

We can also provide in home dog training while you are gone for an additional charge.

TO get a quote on having one of our dog experts stay with your dog on your next trip, fill out the form below.

At Home Dog Sitting