Fixing Dog Behavior Problems

Lady 3 Big - Fixing Dog Behavior Problems

Does your dog have a bad habit or unwanted behavior problem you want to stop?

We are a team of Omaha Dog Behavior experts who have fixed thousands of dog problems in only one visit using Dog Psychology, positive reinforcement and many of the same communication methods dogs use with one another.

Many people confuse dog trainers with Dog Behaviorists. We like to say dog trainers teach dogs to do things (sit, come, shake, etc) where dog behaviorists teach dogs to not do things like; jump on people, bark, chew, nip people, steal, run away, etc.

Dog Psychology may sound funny to some people, but it is very real and the best way to stop unwanted behavior problems. By using a proven, scientific approach, we first identify the root cause of the behavior problem. Once we know why a dog is acting out, we reverse engineer the situation by addressing the root cause and creating controlled situations where we can help your dog learn a new, more desirable behavior.

After working with thousands of dogs, less than 1% of the people who hire us for dog behavior help need to more than one visit. Most, but not all. Dogs with fear, frustration, aggression and other psychological problems are typically the dogs who end up needing additional sessions.

To date, we have yet to meet any dog problem we havn’t been able to fix. Some of the most common issues we are asked to solve include; barking, jumping up, chewing, nipping, mouthing, biting, excited urination, submissive urination, marking, humping, fear, anxiety, door dashing, stealing food off counters, separation anxiety, crate training, kennel training, too excited, stay off furniture, resource guarding, fence fighting, dog aggression, human aggression, fear of kids, pulling on the leash, doesn’t listen, skateboard reactive, bicycle reactive, leash aggression, fear of noises, fear of fireworks, fear of thunderstorms, doesn’t respect you, issues relating to deaf or blind dogs, rehabilitating abused canines and more.

If you are tired of rearranging your life due to your dog problems, we can help you stop them for good. Fill out the quote form below and one of us will give you a call to discuss how we can help with with an at home dog behavior training session developed specifically for you and your dog.

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