Helping Dogs Get Over Fear of Fireworks

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Is your dog afraid of fireworks? Hiding, running away, drooling and shaking from mid June through the 4th?

We have come up with an easy way to help dogs stop being scared of fireworks for good using the principles of Dog Psychology. We will be sharing these dog behavior secret in our Fear of Fireworks class in Omaha this June.

In this 30 minute class, you will learn how to help your dog stop being scared of fireworks via desensitization and counterconditioning. Its a simple process that only requires a few minutes or practice each day for 1-3 weeks (depending on how much you practice and how intense your dog’s fear of fireworks is).

Instead of cranking up the radio (which doesn’t work), risking your dog running away or watching your dog in a constant state of misery, you can help your furry friend learn that while they may not like fireworks, they don’t have to be petrified of them.

No one wants to see a dog cower and unsuccessfully try to find a place to hide for the weeks leading up to Independence Day. With this technique, you can help your dog get over a fear of fireworks for good.

We are holding this special class on 4 consecutive Saturdays in June (You only need to attend one class) and will be held at Dogtopia (144 and Center) on the following dates:

  • Saturday June 2nd at 5 PM
  • Saturday June 9th at 5 PM
  • Saturday June 16th at 5 PM
  • Saturday June 23rd at 5 PM

These are human-only classes as dogs or puppies afraid of fireworks are best conditioned to not fear them when they are relaxed, like when they are at home. We will show you the three steps with a dog at the class so you can practice and perfect the technique, then take it home to work with your own dog.

Class is $40/household with limited space in each classes. If you are interested, don’t wait to sign up. This is one of the most popular classes we teach.

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