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Everyone wants a well trained dog. The dog who stays until released or walks next to its guardian with a loose leash. But training takes time and lots of practice; something many people don’t have the time, skillset or interest in doing.

But what if there was an option to have someone train your dog for you while you were at work? Instead of having someone come to your home to train your dog, we have developed a day care training program where we do the work for you (Provided your dog is not aggressive).

If you are looking to train your dog yourself, check out our in home dog training or group training classes. If you have a human or dog aggressive dog, check out our Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation Program. If your dog has bad non aggression related habits or behaviors, check out our in home dog behavior training sessions.

Dog Gone Problems’ Dog Daycare training is the perfect option for people who don’t have the time, skillset or desire to train their dog themselves. Simply drop your dog off at one of the dog daycare facilities we have partnered with and let us know what you want us to teach your dog.

Each day your dog will start out playing with the other dogs in daycare. Once or twice an hour, one of our experienced, positive dog trainers will pull your dog out of day care, train it for a few minutes, then let it go back to playing with the other dogs. Over the course of a day, your dog will receive an hour of individual training on the skill, trick or command of your choice.

We exclusively use modern, positive dog training methods to train any dog in Omaha to do just about anything (that is actually possible, lol). Our experienced trainers will use a customized approach for your dog based on its personality, temperament, intelligence and desire.

We do not use the old force or punishment based training methods that are unfortunately still used by many dog trainers in Omaha. These trainers sometimes refer to themselves as “balanced trainers” and they use force, punishment or the threat of pain to get your dog to submit and obey.

You can identify punishment based trainers by their use of pinch or prong collars, (illegal in almost every country on the planet), shock collars, alpha rolls, harsh leash corrections, spanking, shoving or yelling, “teaching the dog who’s boss,” or “breaking the dog.”

There are facilities and dog trainers who offer a Board and Train option, but we have found these are often set up because the trainers use the harsh techniques we mentioned earlier. They want to take your dog away from you so you cant see how they work. Plus your dog is away from you for months and who wants that?

With dog daycare training, you can check in on your dog any time you want in the facilities that offer video observation options, plus your furry friend comes home tired, smarter and with a boost of confidence.

We don’t want to break a dog’s spirit or punish it for doing the wrong thing. Instead we use dog psychology, positive reinforcement and controlled situations where we can teach your dog what you want it to do and reward it when it does sp. This way your dog WANTS to do what you want it to, ALL THE TIME.

This positive dog training approach results in dogs who are calm, confident, obedient and best of all,  a true joy to be around.

Because we can repeat the training technique or lessons over and over again in short bursts throughout the day, your dog’s training is dramatically accelerated, This allows us to train dogs in far less time than weekly training sessions in your home. This is a great option for people who are too busy or simply want someone else to train their dog for them.

If you want to try out our Dog Daycare training, we can hook you up with a free day of daycare and a discount for your first training sessions with us. Simply fill out the request form and one of our friendly staffers will call you to discuss your dog and what we can help you with.

We look forward to training your dog to do all the things you want it to do.


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skills or commands: (See list below)
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skills list for checkbox display:

Act ashamed (Cover nose with paw)
Back up
Balance treat on nose
Beg / sit pretty
Bounce / pogo jump
Bring it
Circle me
Fetch ball
Fetch leash
Fetch paper
Fetch shoes
Freeze in place
Go to dog bed
Jump / leap over something
Jump through a hoop
Jump over a person
Learn names of toys
Leave it
Leg weave
Limp (walk with a limp)
Look down
Look left
Look right
Look up
Loose leash training
Make friends (go put your head in someone’s lap)
Nudge with nose
Open or close a door
Play dead
Put toys away
Roll over
Speak (bark on command)
Spin (great for dogs who get humped by other dogs)
Stand up
Stay command
Take a bow
Target hand
Target object
Touch (nose to hand or object)
Turn left
Turn on light
Turn right
Quiet (stop barking)
Under (Go under something)
Walk on hind legs
Weave through obstacle
Wipe your paws

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