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small breed puppy class

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If you have a small breed puppy, its important your classes are designed for his or her size and special needs. Thats why we have created classes exclusivly for puppies under 20 pounds.

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These weekly, positive-based classes cover nearly 50 obedience lessons, setting your puppy up for a lifetime of success. Our instructors will work with you and your pup until you are doing it as well as your instructor. After class, your instructor will send you an email with tips on the lesson and a link to a tutorial training video so you can watch it at home.

Puppy Classes Built for Small Breed Puppies

In additon to the basic obedience lessons, each class features play time to help your pup make new puppy pals, develop social skills and wear them out. We promise your pupy will be properly exhausted after each class.

Small puppies play

You also get access to our exclusive puppy parents play group with nealy 3,000 local puppy parents so you can set up playdates outside of class. These playdates are super important to develop puppy confidence and we are the only puppy class in the area with thig group.

If you want to make sure your puppy grows up into the best adult dog, fill out the form below. Our Booking Coordinator will call you to answer any questions you may have and enroll your puppy into one of our classes.

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