Puppy Head Start Program

Dominique Trains Black Pup family - Puppy Head Start Program

Our Puppy Head Start program is a crash course on everything you need to know about having a puppy combined with Omaha’s best puppy classes.

Most adult dog behavior problems start in the first 1-2 months a puppy is in its new home. Knowing what to do, or more spefically what NOT to do, in the first months a puppy is in its new home makes all the difference in the world. That’s why we created our Puppy Head Start program.

We combine 12 weeks of puppy classes with an in home visit from a Puppy Class Instructor to go over:

  • A secret that will accellerate your pup’s learning
  • Tips to help with mouthing, biting and nipping
  • Prevent chewing furniture, shoes, power cords, carpet, etc
  • How to prevent your pup from developing separation anxiety
  • Some basic obedience lessons
  • How to take advantage of the Critical Socialization Period
  • How to teach your puppy manners (sit to ask for attention)
  • Potty training tips

Pups who’s parents sign up for our Puppy Head Start program are usually the star students in class and grow up into exceptional adult dogs.

If you want to make sure your pup turn out to be an amazing adult dog, fill out the form below.

Puppy Head Start Program