How to Use Positive Dog Training to Stop Dog Aggression in Marina del Rey

By: David Codr

Published Date: October 8, 2017

For this positive dog training session in Marina del Rey we worked with 1 year-old Dachshund Montie (pictured here on the left with Chihuahua Winnie), teaching him to focus to stop dog aggression.

During the session we went over ways to help the dogs practice being calm and how the humans can assume a leadership role in the dog’s eyes. For many dogs who are reactive to other dogs, the behavior is rooted in their belief that they need to protect their humans.

I shared a number of dog training tips and dog behavior secrets that will help the humans act like leaders, at least from the dog’s perspective. Adding structure to petting the dogs, consistently enforcing rules and boundaries and rewarding desired behaviors will all help the dogs move into a followers mindset. This transformation will take about a month to achieve and another month to establish, but Im confident the guardians will be successful.

To address Montie’s dog aggression behaviors, I showed them how to train a dog to focus and a few other dog behavior tips. You can check it out by watching the video below.

Practicing this focus exercise multiple times a day while gradually increasing the duration will enable the guardian to first redirect the dog’s attention, and eventually produce a different emotional response to the sight of other dogs.

It will take a week or two to completely establish the Focus exercise enough to start using it when around other dogs. As a dog behavior expert, I can assure you that stopping dog on dog aggression is much easier when the dog respects the human as a leader. This is why we spent so much time going over the importance of rules, structure and positive dog training inside the home.

By the end of the session, the dogs were already starting to follow the new rules and boundaries on their own and the guardian was getting better with her timing and technique.

We finished things up by shooting a roadmap to success video with highlights of all the dog training tips the guardians will need to put these problems behind them for good.

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