Tips to Teach a Monkey to Stop Jumping

By: David Codr

Published Date: November 16, 2017

For this Bennington puppy training session we worked with 10 month-old Mini Dachshund Monkey – training the puppy to stop jumping on people, having accidents in the house and chewing on furniture.

Monkey was adopted into a home with a 14 year-old Mini Dachshund named Zoey who hung out in the kitchen chewing a bully stick while we worked with the pup.

We started off with some basic puppy training tips. The guardian had already watched several of the videos off the Quest-Ed section of our website (devoted to puppy raising and puppy training secrets.

I did a quick refresher on puppy potty training, setting up a puppy play room, tips to stop chewing and the benefits of feeding your puppy out of toys before working with Monkey directly.

Right as I was about to show the guardian how to train a puppy to stop jumping up, I noticed she was petting the pup at times it was engaging in unwanted actions, like jumping on people for attention.

As a dog behavior expert, i always try to explain to my clients that anything your dog is doing hen you pet it is what you are reinforcing. So if your puppy jumps up and you instinctively pet it (which is very common) you are literally training your puppy to jump up.

To help her start rewarding the dog for desired actions and behaviors, I shared my petting with a purpose and passive training dog training secrets with her. Emphasizing the things our dogs do well is severely under emphasized in dog training and dog behavior. But recognizing and rewarding he puppy for doing what you want is one of the easiest ways to train a pup to behave as you want.

Next I got down on the floor to engage with Monkey and share some positive dog training tips with his guardian.

Teaching a puppy to stop jumping is relatively easy if you use the right approach. Dogs often jump on people when they are over excited, so another dog behavior trip is to avoid petting your puppy when it is excited. Stopping any petting the instant your puppy jumps on you is a great way to communicate you dislike that behavior.

We wrapped up the session by recapping all the things we went over in this in home puppy training session. You can watch this roadmap to success video by clicking below.

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