Some Free Tips to Stop a Dog from Resource Guarding a Kennel

By: David Codr

Published Date: August 30, 2022

tips to stop a dog from resource guarding a kennel

For this Omaha dog behavior training session we worked with 2 year-old Goldendoodle Mocha, sharing tips to stop a dog from resource guarding a kennel.

I had already worked with Mocha a few weeks earlier and knew that she was a very anxious dog. I asked her guardian to bring her outside so that we could meet while on a walk. Meeting anxious or fearful dogs outside on a walk can be a great way to help them feel more relaxed and comfortable.

On the walk, the guardian asked me what he should do if mocha started feeling uncomfortable or reactive with another person or a dog. I pulled out my phone and set it up so that we could record record a short video on how to play the find it away game. If you have a dog that is fearful or reactive to people or dogs on walks, you should check out the free positive dog training video below.

The Find it Away Game is a easy and effective way to stop a dog from barking at people or dogs that it doesn’t like. It’s important to practice this game a couple of times in a very easy environment and then occasionally for no reason at all. That way when you see your dog offering some stiff body language or other ways of communicating it’s uncomfortable, you can play this game while the thing they are fearful of is at a distance.

Now that Mocha was feeling more comfortable, I wanted to head inside so that I could share some tips with her guardian on her resource guarding problem.

How to stop a dog from resource guarding a kennel

Resource guarding can be a scary behavior in dogs. It is a result of the dog feeling that someone is trying to take an object or invade space that they are trying to protect. One of the most common reactions when dogs are resource guarding items is to take it away. Unfortunately this often reinforces the dogs perception that the human is out to steal their stuff.

As a Dog Behavior Consultant, I always look for a positive way to deal with unwanted behaviors. A great way to stop resource guarding in dogs is to help the dog understand that when you approach, not only are you not going to take their item, your arrival means something good is going to happen.

I handed my camera to the guardian so that I could share some tips to stop dogs from resource guarding in a short tutorial video. If your dog guards the kennel or any other object in your home, you should definitely check out this free positive dog behavior training video.

The secret to stopping resource guarding in dogs is to be ready to create a positive association when it happens. This means to be prepared by having treat strategically left around your home that you can access in the moment. It will be very important for the guardian to recognize the instant that Mocha starts to feel uncomfortable (stiff body language, holding breath, closing mouth, tail straight up, ear movement) and immediately move away. Then they can return, stopping even further away to deliver the positive reinforcer a few times.

After a couple of successful practice sessions, the guardian can get a little bit closer and repeat the process. Stopping a dog from resource guarding is a gradual process that is slow, but usually effective when practiced right.

At the end of the session we discussed some medication’s that may be beneficial for Mocha and her roommate Goldendoodle Joy. Both dogs were under socialized as pups and as a result they lack confidence and social skills. I’m hoping that the guardians can speak to their vet about the possibility of adding some doggy Prozac which should help them feel less anxious. This can be a profoundly helpful tool as it gives the dog the ability to feel more comfortable while we engage in dog behavior modification exercises and techniques.

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This post was written by: David Codr