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By: David Codr

Published Date: February 3, 2023

IMG 8027 1 - Bio - Lydia Ross
Lydia poses with Quest who gives her the Dalmatian seal of approval to pet him 24/7

As someone who was adopted multiple times as a young child, Dog Trainer and Puppy Class Instructor Lydia Ross has a unique perspective when it comes to dogs; especially puppies and how they feel when they first come into a new home.

Growing up in multiple foster homes, Lydia was able to find love comfort and community in the animals populated in the various homes that she was placed as a young girl. Dogs, puppies, cats, even a Guinea pig were a source of comfort and some of the most enriching relationships Lydia counted on in her formative years.

IMG 1941 - Bio - Lydia Ross
A Husky shows Dog Trainer Lydia Ross some love at one of DGP’s Ten Year Anniversary celebration events

As a young adult, the pull to work with animals drew Lydia to test out jobs in multiple industries but it wasn’t until she connected with Dog Gone Problems that she felt she finally found her true calling. While she enjoyed working as a vet tech assistant, groomer and dog daycare attendant, she did not have the ability to develop relationships with dogs or do so in environment that she was comfortable with. Fortunately, this path led her to the Dog Gone Problems family.

IMG 7198 - Bio - Lydia Ross
Lydia get some affection from Aggie, one of her puppy class students

Lydia started her training to become a puppy class instructor in early 2022 and hasn’t looked back since. She has now taught hundreds of puppies and their parents the benefits of positive dog and puppy training.

Lydia also conducts in-home dog training sessions with dogs and puppies. Lydia loves being able to help people and their puppies and dogs better understand each other to help develop a harmonious and positive relationship and their home.

Lydia PHS with Gertie - Bio - Lydia Ross

Lydia currently has two cats that she adores, Booger and Goose. She has a thing for funky names and loves to hear the story behind animal names. Lydia plans on adding a canine to her family once she moves into a new home.

Lydia Booger and Goose - Bio - Lydia Ross
Lydia hangs with her besties Booger and Goose

You will be hard pressed to find anyone as passionate and dedicated to animal well being as Lydia. Her empathy, patience and love for animals are some of the skills that make her so amazing as a Dog Trainer / Puppy Class instructor.

If you’re interested in setting up an in-home dog training session with Lydia you can use this link. And if you have a puppy and want to get enrolled in one of her classes, click this link for more information.

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