Potty Training Tips for a Puppy in Marina del Rey

By: David Codr

Published Date: March 31, 2018

Lucy Marina d - Potty Training Tips for a Puppy in Marina del Rey

For this Marina del Rey puppy training session we worked with Lucy, a 4 month-old Maltipoo who needs some puppy potty training to stop her from going inside.

We started things off by discussing a number of common puppy behavior problems and positive puppy training exercises to prevent or stop them. Its much easier to stop a bad habit from starting than it is to change an established behavior.

After offering a number of suggestions and strongly recommending immediate enrollment in one or two puppy socialization classes. Lucy showed a number of signs that she would greatly benefit from socialization and puppy class training.

I showed the guardians how to teach a puppy to sit, lay down, sit up and stand as well as come on command. If the guardians practice these exercises a few times a day for a week, Lucy should get off to a great start and also get a nice confidence bump.

Next we went over a number of things the guardians can do to stop her from whimpering or barking for attention or when left alone. Much of this involved the humans creating situations where they can practice going out of her sight for progressively longer periods of time. The key is to avoid any barking by practicing often and not pushing too far to fast. Lucy needs to be comfortable at each step before practicing the next one otherwise she will start barking.

Up next was a number of puppy potty training tips and secrets. House training a puppy takes time, observation and lots of praise.

If the guardians take Lucy out often, especially at the three times I mentioned in the above video, they should stop puppy accidents in the house.

It was great to see how quickly Lucy picked up on the puppy training we ran over. She is a really smart dog. If her guardians get her some good socialization in puppy class, teach her new tricks and commands and create situations to help her practice new behaviors, she will grow more confident and feel less of a need to bark for attention.

To help the guardians remember all the puppy training tips I shared in this in home puppy training session, we shot a roadmap to success video. You can get a bunch of free puppy obedience training tips by watching it yourself.

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