Tips to Add Rules and Structure for a Newly Adopted Terrier

By: Sam Kanouse

Published Date: July 5, 2018

In this Omaha dog training session we worked with Lucky a three-year-old Silky Terrier who needed help with rules and structure in the home.

After chatting with Lucky’s guardians I learned that their primary dog behavior concern was making sure that they got off on the right foot with Lucky’s training since he was newly adopted into the home. We went over some basic rules to help Lucky have a good and predictable environment, such as sitting before going onto the furniture and sitting before going through the door to go outside. I also taught them how to use our Structured Feeding method, which you can see below.

As you can see in the video above Lucky was still testing the new invisible boundary that we set for him. This is completely normal! Dogs should be testing the boundary in the beginning so they can learn where it is, in other words this is a learning experience. So remember that when he is “testing the boundaries” often times he is trying to learn what is expected of him. So remember to have plenty of patience with him.

By the end of the session Lucky was learning the new rules and structure that we put in place for him and started to look to his guardians for leadership and direction. I want to remind his guardians to keep Petting with a Purpose to reward him for good behavior. We wrapped up this dog behavior session with Lucky’s Roadmap to Success video, which you can watch below.

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This post was written by: Sam Kanouse

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