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If you are looking for West LA dog training help, Id love to help you. My name is David Codr and Im a Dog Behaviorist / Dog Trainer who has fixed thousands of dog problems all over Los Angeles for the last decade.

Over the last decade plus I have worked with over 4,000 dogs with just about every dog behavio problem there is. I have helped dogs with fear, stress, anxiety – dogs who get upset when their humans hug, stop chacing cars, stop barking, stop jumping up on guests. You name it, Ive seen and fixed it all.

West LA Dog Trainer

I do my dog training sessions in the client’s home and focus on teaching my cleints how to fix their own dog behavior problems. This is important because many dog behavior issues are caused by or contributed by the dog’s humans. So by showing you what you may be doing to contribute and how to fix it, you can make progress twice as fast.

My Santa Monica dog training clients love how quickly they see results. Same thing for my Venice dog training sessions. I also do dog training in Brentwood, Playa Del Rey, Mar Vista, Culver City and as far away as West Hollywood.

By using Dog Psychology and positive dog training methods to fix dog behavior problems, I help people understand the why of their dog’s behavior, then show them easy and effective ways to fix their dog problems.

I am very much a teach you to fish kind of dog trainer. I will go over the technique or exercise with your dog until its performing for me, then coach you up through the same method until you are getting the same results. My ultimate goal is to teach you so well that you can replace ma. This is one of the main reasons I have hundreds of 5 star reviews.

David with Oliver - Proven Dog Trainer Offering Dog Behavior Help in Los Angeles
Dog Gone Problems founder David Codr works with a human fearful terrier.

I know it can be frustrating when your dog acts out, but its important to understand all behavior is trying to achieve something. Many people focus on telling thier dog’s “No!” but that doesnt solve the problem your dog is experiencing. A much better approach is to understand what your dog is trying to accomplish, then teach and motivate them to offer a different behavior instead.

Dogs are amazing animals and in my experience, want to be a good member of the group. The problem is most people assume the dog knows it shouldnt do something. This causes us to get mad or upset when our dogs act out. But if we want a child to be polite, we teach them manners. Same thing applies to dogs. And the good news it, its not hard to do.

I love seeing the benefits of showing people how to easily teach thier dog to act the way they want. It takes a little time and effort, but its not hard work. And your dog is worth it, right?

During your session, I will shoot a video on the solution to your dog’s most pressing issue and a summary video at the end to make it easy for you to remember all the tips and secrets I will share with you.  After your session, I will create a page on this website with those videos so you can reference and review them as often as you need.

If you are ready to address your dog’s behavior issues, I’d love to assist you. To get a quote for an in-home session, fill out the form below. I will give you a call to discuss your dog’s issues and how I can help.

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