Loose Leash Walking Class

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Does your dog pull on the leash, try to yank your arm out or ignore you on walks?

If you answered yes, our 4 week Loose Leash Walking class is what you need. This class meets on Saturday morning for one hour a week for 4 consecutive weeks. This class is made up of cutting edge, modern dog training techniques that make you more interesting to your dog so it walks with you rather than pulling you.

Now its important to note this is NOT a heel class. Nothing wrong with a heel and we can certainly help you with that, but we do that in individual training sessions, not in a group class.

The heel is a very formal exercise that usually takes 30-100 hours to training to really master. While the heel looks impressive, its not much fun for dogs and isnt the best option to drain energy. Dogs burn more energy on walks by sniffing than they do from walking and dogs in a heel dont sniff. So if your goal is to walk your dog to get some energy out, teaching it to walk with a loose leash is a much better option.

Our Loose Leash Walking classes are a fun and effective way to condition your dog or pup to listen and pay more attention while staying around you on walks. We keep the classes small so that our instructors can work with you and your dog directly to ensure you nail all the exercises and can address any questions or concens.

If you are ready to stop your dog’s leash pulling problem once and for all, fill out the form below. Our booking coordinator will contact you to answer any questions or enroll you in our next class.

Upcoming Classes

Sat July 10th at 9 AM (meets at 9 AM on Saturdays for 4 weeks)
Sat Aug 7th at 9 AM(meets at 9 AM on Saturdays for 4 weeks)
Sat Sept 4th at 10 AM (meets at 10 AM on Saturdays for 4 weeks) 

Loose Leash Walking Program
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