Long Dog Fat Cat – Village Pointe

By: David Codr

Published Date: June 5, 2024

long dog fat cat village pointe

Open Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm Sunday 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

16909 Burke St #126, Omaha, NE 68118 402.933.1123

Long Dog Fat Cat Village Pointe

If you are in West Omaha and need some food or supplies for your dog, Long Dog Fat Cat Village point is the place for you.

Located across the street from Village Pointe shopping center, this store is conveniently located and stocked up with all kinds of amazinggoodies for your dog.

We love how picky they are in terms of the food they carry. So many dogs develop growths and other unwanted medical issues from low quality food, but you wont find any of that at LDFC. They usually can hook you up with smaples if you want to try o ut somehting new for your dog.

If your dog has digstive issues or allergies, ask to speak with one of their certified animal nutrition experts.

This store also has a nice buffet of high value chew items: Bully sticks, tendons, cow ears, ox tails, chicken heads, duck necks and more. Don’t know what to get? Bring your dog along with you so they can sample and tell you their favorites.

If you need some dog treats, they have you covered. Many of the treats we use in our puppy classes are also found on the shelves of this amazing store.

They’re always stocked with the best natural pet food, treats, and toys for your furry friends. They also provide grooming solutions ranging from a speedy nail trim to a complete wash and haircut.

David got a special VIP tour of the store. Check it out below or jst drop by if you are in the neighborhood. The friendly staff would love to meet you.

Ph: 402.933.1123
Address: 16909 Burke St #126, Omaha, NE 68118

You can also check out the Long Dog Fat Cat website at:  www.longdogfatcat.com

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