Bio – Lidia Boghean

Lidia Boghean a graduate student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha studying for her Master’s Degree in Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience and Behavior. Her research area of interest is the dog-owner bond and the factors influencing that relationship. Lidia’s thesis will investigate how attachment, personality, and hormonal synchronization influence the ability for dogs to act as a stress buffer for their owners. She became involved in dog training because she loves teaching people about the unique bond that exists between dogs and their guardians and how positive training can help owners improve the relationships they have with their companion animals.

Being the daughter of a veterinarian, Lidia grew up around dogs and a variety of other animals, and has always had a love for all kind of animals. Lidia’s Bachelor’s Degree is in Biology, and her original goal was to become a veterinarian, but after working in an animal clinic, she realized her true passion was animal behavior, not animal medicine so she uprooted her life back home in Pennsylvania, and followed her passion for dog behavior to study dogs in Nebraska.

Lidia says she is beyond grateful to have the opportunity to teach puppy classes for Dog Gone Problems. She is always excited to go to work and loves interacting with guardians and their pups. “Puppy class is not just about teaching basic skills; it’s about helping guardians understand their relationship with their puppy. It is always so rewarding to hear about how puppies improve over the course of puppy classes, and seeing their progress first hand”. Lidia says she was first attracted to working for Dog Gone Problems because of their commitment to educating the public on responsible dog guardians, and that’s exactly what she tried to teach in our puppy classes as well.

Lidia is now working exclusively on her degree at UNO and we wish her well.

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