Training a Santa Monica Beagle Puppy to Come

By: David Codr

Published Date: April 25, 2019

For this Santa Monica puppy training session, we teach 10 month-old Beagle Leo to come with three different positive puppy training commands.

Poor Leo was being treated for his second bout with Giardia, a parasite that gives dogs loose stools and is highly contagious. Fortunately this was a minor case, but its a good opportunity to underscore the importance of not letting your puppy drink water from unknown sources as this is one of the most common ways for a puppy or adult dog to contract Giardia.

I shared a number of puppy behavior tips such as rewarding desired behaviors through passive training (which will help train the puppy to come), petting with a purpose and a creative way to exercise a dog inside.

To teach a puppy to come, I handed the guardian my camera so I could share a few different options. I invite you to watch the free puppy training video below if you want to learn how to train any puppy to come when called.

Passive training is one of the easiest ways to teach a puppy to come when called, but inviting friends over to practice is also a good idea. This helps teach the puppy to come to new people which can be invaluable if the puppy ever gets out.

The two bonus ways to train a puppy to come that I shared in the above video aren’t primary recall commands, but they can be effective ways to get a puppy to come when called when the traditional way of calling a puppy don’t work.

To make it easy for the guardian to remember all the puppy training tips I shared in this in home Santa Monica puppy training session, we shot a roadmap to success video that you can check out below.

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