If you are tired of rearranging your life because of your dog’s problems, we can help you!

We are a team of Dog Trainers (Behaviorists actually) who will help you put a stop to your unwanted dog problems through personalized at home dog training sessions customized for you and your furry friend.

Simply submit the form below and tell us about your situation. One of our dog behavior experts will give you a call to personally discuss how we can put a stop to your problems once and for all.

You can have a calm, balanced and well behaved dog tonight.


We did the last  session with Anna today. We worked on distractions from other dogs walking by, and leash walking. Again, Anna’s listening and advising skills are excellent and practical. They are so helpful.

We were referred to Dog Gone Problems by our vet. We had had our 16 week old puppy for a couple of weeks and we were pretty overwhelmed with his behavior (rescue puppy from the street).  He was too old for Puppy Kindergarten class, but we did Elementary and High school, along with one session with Anna before, and I believe three sessions with Anna after the formal classes finished.

We are really appreciative of the training DGP provided for Peeve. He is such a happy dog now that we can communicate better with each other. Thanks.

A Paulman - Omaha, Ne

We really loved our puppy class with David! We took our GSP puppy to it and learned a lot. Would highly recommend for anyone with a puppy, regardless if you have owned dogs in the past. The classes teach you how to train your dog with positive reinforcement and how important early socialization and certain skills are for your puppy. It really helped us learn how to train our puppy.

We actually have 2 older dogs and wish we could have started them in the puppy training class! We took a lot away from the class and David was an awesome instructor!! The end of the class time was for socialization and was great for the puppies to do, and fun for us to watch!

Amanda Gould - Omaha, Ne

Before deciding on David, we researched every dog trainer/school/boarding in LA. It’s expensive and anyone who promises to fix your dog’s problems through weekly training is lying.

We sent our dog Spike to board and train, spent a ton of money and it didn’t help with his aggression. He knew how to sit on command, but if you’re looking for David’s help, then your dog has issues a regular trainer can’t fix.


First of all, he’s not a dog “trainer,” he’s a behaviorist, which up until recently we had no idea there was such a thing. You fill out the form online and basically tell him what your issues are. David calls you and spends a good amount of time listening to what it is you’re trying to accomplish (our first call was over an hr and this is even before you hire him).

He comes to your house so that he can see your dog in it’s environment. This is so important. It’s one session. If your dog has major issues, maybe you need more than one, but he tells you that one session is enough for most dogs. The one session might seem expensive, but it’s only ONE session that gives you the tools to fix every one of your dog’s problems.

David makes a video of everything you cover in your session so that you have a reference later. This is great because you can always check back to the video instead of trying to remember everything he goes over. Also, the session is LONG, so without the video you wouldn’t remember everything he goes over.

Perhaps the most important for us and the main reason we chose David was because he believes in positive reinforcement. I researched so many trainers in LA and read horror stories on yelp and google about their methods. Scaring your dog into submission doesn’t work and is just stupid and cruel. The Dog Whisperer is NOT what you want for your dog.

David believes in rules, in rewarding behavior you want, and in getting to the root of the problem. Why is my dog aggressive? David can help you figure that out and fix it!!


He’s booked up. We had to wait almost 2-3 months for our appointment.

It might seem expensive for one session, but the fact that he can go over all your issues in one session is actually cheaper than any other route.

He doesn’t offer a puppy class in LA. We got a new puppy and are super disappointed that he doesn’t have one here. David, start a puppy school in LA PLEASE!!!

If you’re looking for someone to come and teach your dog how to sit, this isn’t the guy. If you need major help for your dog, then call David. You won’t regret it.

Peter & Rita Coleman - Los Angeles, Ca
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