If you are tired of rearranging your life because of your dog’s problems, we can help you!

We are a team of Dog Trainers (Behaviorists actually) who will help you put a stop to your unwanted dog problems through personalized at home dog training sessions customized for you and your furry friend.

Simply submit the form below and tell us about your situation. One of our dog behavior experts will give you a call to personally discuss how we can put a stop to your problems once and for all.

You can have a calm, balanced and well behaved dog tonight.


“I reached out to David in order to help me with some training for my foster dog, Roscoe. Roscoe is a sweet boy, but I needed to learn how to teach him manners. He is still a puppy and has puppy traits, so I needed assistance to get him as adoptable as possible. David reached out to me the very next day and we had a nice chat about what exactly I was looking for. Thank God David had an opening the very next week and he came to my home and spent more than 3 hours helping me to address Roscoe’s areas that need improvement. It was so informative since he was not just telling me what to do, but reasons why it helps. It was eye opening (and kind of a rude awakening) that what I do, truly does effect Roscoe.

So, not only was David awesome on the day of our visit, he has proven to be completely available and willing to help even AFTER the session. I can into a situation with Roscoe where I needed to talk to David and he picked up my call immediately and took as much time as I needed to talk it through. It was so incredibly comforting to know he was not just ghosting me after our session.

I am still working with Roscoe, but am already seeing improvements. I know I need to work on being consistent in what I do, but I know if I have any questions, David will be right there to help. I could not recommend him enough. I will keep everyone posted on Roscoe’s improvement!”

Kimberly - Los Angeles, CA -

“We were referred to David by our neighbor and at first I was skeptical. Our dogs weren’t a major problem, “why spend the money?” I thought to myself. The techniques we learned seemed intuitive and while the session was in progress, I wondered if it was even necessary.

Now that time has passed I can unequivocally say, it was worth every penny.

Our dogs are more disciplined and demonstrating behavior I didn’t even know I wanted to see from them. I’d never considered a dogs self esteem before, but nurture it and before you know it, you’ll have a confident pup who’s right in step with what you expect. David helped us in areas we didn’t even know we needed help with. 

BIG eye opener. I’ll for sure refer him to anyone with willful pets.

Thanks David!”

“David gave us simple, easy to implement tactics that we saw improvement in our dog from within days. The awareness to our own signals and what we do to confuse our dog is invaluable in its own right.

Highly recommend if you are struggling with any issues with your pup!”

Gary, Santa Monica CA -
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