How to Help Adult Dogs Accept and Like Your New Puppy

Helping Adult Like Pup

Quest lives with two adult dogs; Farley (above left) and California. They are not at all aggressive, but were slow to warm up to Quest. This is a pretty common problem when introducing puppies to adult dogs. Its similar to a brother being slightly annoyed at times by his younger brother or sister. While they are members of the same group, the age difference presents some challenges.

The good news is there are things you can do to help move things along so that everyone is all buddy buddy. Early socialization experiences like this go a long ways toward giving the pup tools to be socially proficient. The best puppy behavior help I can give you is to put your puppy in a position to succeed.

I share few puppy training tips on and suggestions that will help you get your adult dog or dogs and puppies together without causing problems.

After about a week of petting Farley each time he came over to sniff or interact with Quest, he started to hang around the little puppy more often. I shot the video below when Farley came over to Quest as he was chewing a cookie – an action that can easily turn into a fight over the cookie.

I had to intercede a few times as its easy for this sort of interaction to progress into a challenge or fight. So make sure you are carefully supervising and disagree or separate the instant you sense tension or a potential conflict.

It took another couple of days before Farley started hanging out with little Quest without any added incentive (like a cookie bone). I shot the video below the first time Farley showed Quest a little tender affection and the pup helped out by taking such a laid back posture and calm energy.

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