Tips to Help Your Dog Have a Good Halloween

By: David Codr

Published Date: October 28, 2018

Halloween and dogs! Many dogs have problems with the Halloween holiday. The costumes, people knocking on the door over and over or the opportunity to do some door dashing and running away are very common this time of year.

Well we wanted to share a few dog tips for Halloween to help you and your furry friend avoid those problems.

If you plan on dressing your dog up, test the costume out a day or two before. If your dog looks or makes it clear it doesnt like the costume (gets stiff, freezes, breathes heavily, whines, etc), you may want to reconsider. Some dogs like dressing up, others – not so much. Constricting costumes are often difficult for dogs and can result in an unpleasant night for your pooch.

Also make sure if the costume is funny, that people are not laughing at your dog’s expense. Studies show dogs know when they are being laughed at and it makes them feel bad.

Dont forget to exercise your dog during the day. The expression “a tired dog is a well behaved dog” may be tired, but its true. Getting your dog a few walks, games of fetch or a pay date during the day with other canine friends can set your dog up for success. This is one of the simplest and most overlooked tips out there.

If your dog gets upset when people knock at the door or are a rush to run away, the following free Halloween dog training video tip is just for you.

Last tip; Chocolate is toxic to dogs (Dark chocolate the most dangerous) and many candy manufacturers use Xylitol which is also toxic to dogs. Every year thousands of dogs and puppies get into candy left in an easy to reach location resulting in sick dogs, trips to the emergency vet clinic or worse.

So make sure candy is not left on the floor or any place your dog or puppy can reach.

Keeping your dog safe on Halloween only takes a little foresight and practice. Hope these canine tips for a safe Halloween help you and your four legged friend have fun this Wednesday.

Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone from your friends at Dog Gone Problems.

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