Tips to Stop a Husky Puppy From Mouthing and Nipping His Human

By: David Codr

Published Date: June 3, 2018

For this Los Angeles puppy training session shared some tips to stop 2 month old Husky Haku from mouthing and nipping humans.

Haku met me at the door, but was a little cautious at first which was concerning. A puppy his age should be very curious about new people and things so I made sure to stress the importance of enrolling him into puppy socialization class as soon as possible.

Early socialization is super important for puppy development. The more experiences a puppy gets during its Critical Socialization Period, the more confidence they gain. So a puppy socialization class can be highly beneficial. Just make sure the class includes socialization / play time, isn’t too big or too small and is separated by breed size so its fun for all the pups.

Another good goal is for the puppy to meet 100 people by the time they hit three months. Having strangers of all ages, races, heights and appearances give Haku pets, affection or treats when meeting them will help the dog have a more positive opinion of them.

The first 3 months are the most important, puppy socialization is effective up until 9 months. This is why I strongly recommended the guardian make sure the puppy meets a few new people and dogs every day until the end of 2018.

Next I showed the guardian how to teach Haku to sit, lay down and stand up. You can watch me do some positive puppy training by watching the video below.

Practicing these basic puppy commands this early will help boost Haku’s confidence and give his guardian new ways to redirect him before he gets into trouble.

After we finished discussing basic puppy obedience training, I saw Haku start to mouth and chew on his guardian’s hand. Helping a puppy develop good bite inhibition is SUPER important so I handed my camera to the guardian so I could share tips to stop any puppy from mouthing or nipping humans.

Stopping a puppy from mouthing or nipping is best done when they are still small. As a dog behavior expert I can promise you that you don’t want to try to teach a mature dog with a fully developed bite to stop those behaviors. The good news is these are easy ways to teach a puppy to not mouth or nip people.

We wrapped up the session by going over some potty training tips, how to kennel train a puppy, teaching a dog to drop and how you can train a puppy by simply petting it at the right time.

TO help the guardian remember all the positive puppy training tips we shared in this in home puppy training session, we shot a roadmap to success video.

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