Teaching a Pair of Dogs to Stay Out of the Kitchen

By: David Codr

Published Date: June 1, 2019

For this Omaha dog training session we share tips on how to establish an invisible boundary to keep 1 year-old Aussiedoodle Winnie (right) and Terrier mix Gilda out of the kitchen.

Teaching a dog to stay behind an invisible line this way is actually pretty easy if you practice, have good timing and are crisp in your movements. Its crucial you are watching (while making it look like you aren’t) and react right away. That is why I often recommend practicing with a warm up session. This way you look like you are cooking when you are actually training the dog to stay out of the kitchen. Once the dog goes away or sits / lays down behind the boundary, you can start the actually cooking process.

The guardians can use this approach to teach the dog to stay behind an invisible line anywhere. It just takes practice. Practicing the out command I share at the end of the free dog training video makes this even easier. I suggested the guardians practice that exercise with each dog once a day for the week so they have a strong out command. Any dog behavior expert will tell you rewarding the behavior is the best way to motivate a dog to want to do what you want.

Gilda and Winnie had a few other dog behavior issues we worked on in this in home dog training session. One of the things we covered was teaching the dogs to focus so that the guardians can redirect them away from things they want to bark at or react to.

To help stop the submissive urination, I suggested a number of rules as adding structure can help a dog feel less anxious as it starts to see and identify the humans as the leaders. This reduction of stress can go a long ways towards stopping submissive urination. I also suggested the guardians Pet with a Purpose as this is an easy way to boost a dog’s self confidence. Professional Aussiedoodle dog trainers spend quite a bit of time training the dog to focus or pay attention to them to help with any number of dog behavior problems.

Unfortunately we ran out of time and were only able to briefly touch on loose leash walking. If the dogs are still pulling on the leash in a month, Id love to come back and work with the dogs on walking next to the guardians. I asked them to follow up in a month with a progress report (sooner if they have any questions or new issues) so we can work on the leash pulling.

To make it easy for the guardians to remember all the dog behavior and dog psychology tips we covered, we filmed a roadmap to success video that you can check out below.

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