German Shepherd Dog Training in Omaha

Dog Gone Problems Providing In-Home Dog Training to a German Shepherd

If you are looking for a professional German Shepherd dog trainer, you have come to the right place. Since 2012, Dog Gone Problems has been providing positive based German Shepherd dog training to owners throughout the Omaha metro (Bellevue, Ralston, La Vista, Millard, Elkhorn and Council Bluffs) and surrounding areas.

After training hundreds of German Shepherds, its no secret that we love working with this majestic breed. German Shepherds are one of the most trainable dogs out there. Their curiosity seems to know no bounds and once you make a connection with them, its a very special bond. Additionally, we love working with dogs who are thirsty to learn and GSD’s certainly fall into that category.

Unfortunately we are frequently called in to work with German Shepherds who have becomes anxious, fearful and sometimes aggressive. This can be the result of a negative experience, lack of socialization as a puppy or aversive training tools and methods (pinch or prong collars, shock, collars, alpha rolls, etc). Fortunately with the right approach, our Trainers and Behavior experts can help these dogs return to a calm and confident state of mind. Making sure the dog is calm and relaxed is a key component of successful German Shepherd training.

When we are called in to help German Shepherd who do have dog behavior problems, we always recommend our in home dog behavior services first. This is the best option for aggressive German Shepherds or those who are anxious, nervous, fearful or stressed so we can help them regain their confidence. Once that is accomplished, the dog training is easier and more effective.

In Home German Shepherd Dog Training

If you are looking for someone to train your German Shepherd puppy or adult dog, we have some amazing trainers who would love to come to your home and help. We craft a unique training or rehabilitation plan customized for each dog’s issues and needs. We work hand in hand with dog owners to explain the technique or exercises, then guide them through the process until they are getting the same results as our trainer. And once the session ends, they pass along their personal contact information to the owners in case there are any questions or things need to be adjusted. These are just a few of the reasons why we are usually able to train German Shepherds faster and more efficiently than balanced / punishment based trainers.

If you want your German Shepherd to stop pulling on the leash, learn some new tricks, looking for help with obedience training or anything else, please submit a request on our Dog Training request form. Our Booking Coordinator will call you to answer any questions you have or set up an at home dog training appointment for your GSD.