How To Have Fun Leash Training Your Dog

By: Sam Kanouse

Published Date: December 4, 2018

We worked with, a Belgian Malinois mix named Folsom, who needed help to stop pulling on the leash so we taught his guardian a leash training exercise during this Omaha training session.

After I arrived, I sat down to chat with Folsom’s guardian to learn about her main dog behavior concern and I learned that Folsom would get excited on walks and would start to pull on the leash, especially if there was a squirrel or other small animal. This is common for dogs to not walk in the heel position during a walk, especially for excitable younger dogs. However, I showed Folsom’s guardian a fun way to leash train her dog, which you can see in the video below.

When it comes to walking your dog without pulling, you want to make yourself the most exciting thing to your dog at that time. While that is easy to achieve in the house, it’s much harder to do when your dog may be distracted outside. So have fun when leash training! Put some music on and be animated and engage with your dog. Make this a fun game for both of you to keep your dog engaged.

By the end of this dog training session Folsom was looking to his guardian for leadership and direction. As a Belgian Malinois trainer, I recommend that his guardian use our Petting with a Purpose technique to keep up with this good behavior. We wrapped up this dog behavior session with Folsom’s Roadmap to Success video, which you can watch below.

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