Fixing Most Dog Problems in Only One Visit

By: David Codr

Published Date: May 7, 2018

David asks yellow lab to freeze - Fixing Most Dog Problems in Only One Visit

When people hear I have fixed thousands of dog behavior problems in only one visit, I get a lot of inquisitive looks, almost always followed by a one-word question; how?

Well as one of the few Los Angeles dog behavior experts, I have found that most dog problems are actually caused by the humans doing things that confuse the dog or in some cases, communicate the exact opposite of what they want.

To a dog, attention is the ultimate validator. Dogs want our attention and aren’t as concerned with what kind of attention we give them. I know it sounds crazy, but many dogs bark, jump up, steal, chew, get over excited, etc because you instantly give them attention when you disagree or correct them. And each time you do this, you make the dog much more likely to do it again.

Once you know what to stop doing, the final step is for me to come up with a custom solution to address any remaining issues. Often its a number of tiny changes to things you do with your dog several times every day. By adding tiny twists to how you pet, talk to, feed, walk and talk to your dog, every time you interact with it, it deepens the dog’s trust and respect for you.

Now some dogs do have deeper psychological problems; abuse, deep seated fears, anxiety, aggression, etc. In those cases, follow up sessions are needed. But for most people, a single session is all I need.

Now if you simply want to teach your dog to sit, roll over, play dead, etc, there are a ton of LA dog trainers who can help you. But if you have a dog with a behavior problem and you contact a Los Angeles dog trainer, they usually show you how to correct the dog. As I mentioned earlier, this results in the dog getting attention which is rewarding and will cause the dog to repeat it.

When you book an LA dog behavior expert who customizes a plan specific to you and your dog, you will get much quicker results, and best of all, they last a lifetime.

If you are tired of rearranging your life because of your dog’s problems, I can help you put a stop to them once and for all. To get a quote on an in home dog training session customized for you and your dog, use this link to submit a booking request.

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