A Ton of Free Omaha Puppy Training Tips and Tricks

By: David Codr

Published Date: September 26, 2017

In this Omaha puppy training session we got to work with Fidel, a three-month-old Golden Doodle puppy who nips and mouthes, jumps up and needs help with some puppy potty training.

Because he is so young, the first thing we discussed was the Critical Socialization Period and how crucial it will be for Fidel’s guardians to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to build the dog’s confidence in various situations and settings.

You can find the Critical Socialization checklist I reference in the above video on this page in the puppy training section of our website.

Exposing Fidel to these sights, sounds, people and experiences over the next month will help the puppy grow up into a confident well adjusted adult. But until all of his shots have become effective, his guardians should use disinfectant wipe on his paws anytime he walks somewhere adult dogs have been.

Walking into the home, I noticed the guardians had set up a puppy play pen which was awesome. This makes raising a puppy so much easier and offers a number of benefits which I outline in the video below.

Expanding the play pen area, adding a curtain and converting it to a metal frame will help make this puppy training tip even more effective. The guardians can find the post I created about setting up a puppy play room along with a link to the wire pen here.

They should also invest in a number of additional toys so that Fidel has a variety of them to keep him occupied and stimulate him mentally. Here is a link to another post on Quest Ed that covers toys.

One of the ways I like to take advantage of the puppy play pen area is to feed the puppy in it out of treat dispensing toys. I offer more detail on this activity in the following video.

One of the more pressing puppy problems for one of the guardians was Fidel’s mouthing and nipping. This is a common puppy behavior problem. While its not fin being nipped and mouthed by a pup with those sharp teeth, its a very important activity; especially when it comes to developing bite inhibition.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things the humans can do to slow down and stop the biting and nipping in an appropriate way. I share a number of puppy training tips to stop nipping in the video below.

Another very common puppy problem is puppy potty training. To make it easy for the guardians to stop accidents in the house, I shared a number of potty training secrets in the video below.

I recommended that Fidel’s guardians attach a bottle of hand sanitizer to the leash and or have some baby wipes waiting by the door to their apartment so they can wipe his feet before he steps inside. I also recommended they use a specific pair of shoes or wipe them down at the door as well.

Parvo and other diseases are often passed by the puppy stepping on them. Sanitizing his pads and any shoes before stepping inside the apartment will prevent any potential cross contamination.

Because puppies like to pick up anything they run across into their mouth, I had my new apprentice Kylie go over a Leave it exercise that we teach in our puppy socialization class.

This is a very handy skill for you to teach your puppy. Even though we will cover this in our puppy socialization class which Fidel is signed up for, I wanted to go over this now as I always show it to any client when I suggest they feed their puppy out of toys.

Because puppies like to run off, the next thing we went over was how to train a puppy to come on command.

Fidel sure is a smart little puppy. He caught on to most things we went over right away and that certainly includes teaching him to come.

One of the last puppy training tips we went over was a concept I like to call passive training. It is by far the easiest way to teach any puppy or adult dog.

By the end of the session, little Fidel was all tuckered out. He had learned quite a bit, same for his guardian. Fortunately they decided to get the extended write up so they have a bunch of puppy training videos to help them with the most common puppy problems there are.

We wrapped things up by shooting a roadmap to success video which you can check out below.

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