Quest Visits His First Farmer’s Market


As I have mentioned in many other video posts, the first three months of a puppy’s life (The Critical Socialization Period) is time that is invaluable for a pup’s development. Its also time you will never get back which is why you want to get your puppy as many experiences as you possibly can.

The bottom line is this; more experiences, people, animals and places you take your dog, the more confident it will grow up to be. This isn’t traditional training per se, but you can easily make a case that this is in fact very important puppy training.

A great place to meet a lot of people and some dogs in the summer and fall are local farmer’s markets.

Because Quest only got his first immunization shot half a week ago, the immunity may not have kicked in. As a result I “air walked” Quest for this visit (Carrying the dog instead of letting them walk on their own).

I asked anyone who wanted too pet Quest if they had a dog of their own or had recently petted another dog. If they did, I had them rub some hand sanitizer on their hand’s first. Its possible the dog they petted earlier was carrying something Quest is not yet immune to. If that dog has its immunization, it could carry it and not be effected.

But until Quest has had all his shots, I wasn’t going to risk it. Everyone I asked to clean their hands first were very understanding and more than happy to do so. Id suggest you grab a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Many of them come in a little flexible case with a strap you can attach to your belt or leash.

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