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We are seeking an amazing puppy class instructor / dog trainer protege to train as a Dog Behaviorist

If you are amazing with puppies and dogs, can communicate well with humans and are looking for a fun and rewarding job with great pay, keep reading.

Dog Gone Problems is Nebraska’s premiere dog and puppy behavior and training organization. Over the last 10 years we have rehabilitated thousands of dogs and developed Omaha’s best puppy socialization classes. Due to high demand, we are looking to hire a puppy class instructor who has the skills to eventually become a dog behavior expert.

In a perfect world we would find someone with positive dog training experience that can hit the ground running, but experienced dog trainers or behaviorists are hard to find. We have a program in place and are ready to train the right person. The right person to us has a natural way with dogs who can just as easily relate to people. You have worked with dogs in the past; either as a volunteer (rescue group, humane society, 4H, etc) or in some work capacity (dog day care, dog walker, sitter, vet tech, etc).

Our founder David started Dog Gone Problems nearly 10 years ago. Always a natural with dogs, it wasn’t until he reached the mid point of life before he found his true calling as a Dog Behaviorist. To date, he has rehabilitated over 3,000 dogs in only one visit, has had thousands of people come to his Dog Training events and workshops, has been writing a dog behavior advice column for the Omaha World-Herald for the last 6 years, flys to LA every few weeks to help dogs there and has been considered for a few dog centric television shows. David is searching for a protege with the the gift who has same passion for helping dogs and humans.

While fixing dog problems is our mandate, a big part of this position is teaching people so they stop contributing to the problems as well as coaching them up on how to fix them. As a result, you need to be outgoing, engaging, have an engaging charisma and be a true people person. You must have patience and the ability to easily relate to people of all types in order to help them. Capturing their attention is a big part of that.

While a natural gift to relate to dogs is crucial, so is your attitude and work ethic. We have an amazing reputation (just google us), and are selective when it comes to adding new members to our team. You must be a team player but also be self motivated, pay attention to detail and take pride in your work – thinking that doing things right is more important than finishing quickly. We love what we do so we don’t think twice about going the extra mile for our clients. We are searching for someone with the same mindset for our next hire.

This is not a traditional 9-5 job. Your work schedule and duties will fluctuate while you are in training and after, so you need to be able to pivot and adapt to new challenges easily. You also need to be available weekdays, weekday evenings and weekends to start. As you finish training and your skill sets increase, we will have some flexibility to customize your schedule.

As a smaller company, talent and quality work stands out. We pride ourselves as having a non-corporate, family feel. We want people to work with us, not for us. That said, we need people who are consistently available. If you travel frequently or need work scheduling exceptions weekly, this is not the job for you.

Compensation is from $10 – $20 an hour to start (depending on your experience) with the potential to earn up to $40 an hour as a Dog Behaviorist. The initial pay for people without dog / puppy training skills is lower to start, but we are aggressive when it comes to increasing compensation once a candidate reveals their ability and accumulates job skills.

Most of our new puppy class trainer hires receive a $1.00 a month raise until they are at the max pay for that position of $20 an hour.  Additional positions, like teaching our loose leash walking class, pay more ($15-$30 and hour). Bottom line, if you have outstanding dog skills, communicate well with people and are a great team player, we will take good care of you. Our goal is to provide a job people love, while rewarding them with great compensation; the best of both worlds.

In addition to the skillsets we have detailed so far, we have a few additional hard requirements to be considered:

  • You live inside the Omaha metro area.
  • You have your own, reliable transportation.
  • You are available to work from 10 AM – 9 PM, 7 days a week. Not working 24/7, just available.
  • You do not need time off on a regular basis (not including special occasions set in advance).
  • You are self motivated and trustworthy.  Much of this job involves working independently, without supervision.
  • You are active and in shape; able to stand unassisted for hours, take a dog out for a run or deal with big dogs getting physical (jumping up, pulling leash, etc).
  • You are looking for a career, not just a paycheck.

If you have natural dog skills, a solid work ethic and meet ALL of these requirements or skills, select I want to do it all and fill out the form below.

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