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We’re always looking for talented people who are passionate and skills with dogs
Are you passionate about dogs? Do dogs seem to easily and naturally connect with you? Are you self motivated and reliable with great communication skills? Do you enjoy working with and helping people?

Puppy Class Instructor / Dog Trainer Position

Dog Gone Problems is Nebraska’s premiere dog behavior and training organization. Over the last decade we have trained and rehabilitated thousands of dogs and have had over 10,00 puppies take our Puppy socialization classes.

All of our trainers start off as Puppy Class Instructors unless they already have positive dog trainer training. Training that’s focus is modern force and punishment free techniques.

If you dont have experience, thats cool too. We have a wonderful, training program for people who have the gift to work with dogs but do not have any practical, hands-on positive dog training experience.

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Your first month you will learn the lessons and exercises we cover in our puppy school while shadowing and helping in our evening puppy classes Mon – Fri, 6 – 9 PM. The second month you will lead your own classes with the assistance of a training instructor.

Our puppy class instructors are paid $13 during training. Once your puppy class instructor training is complete, you will receive a one dollar a month raise (provided you contine to perform at a high level) until you are making $20 an hour leading puppy classes in the evenings.

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The next stage is Dog Trainer training. You will be taught force and punishment free methods to help train dogs in basic cues, loose leash walking, tricks and other common training exercises. You will also shadow and assist our Dog Trainers and Behavior Consultants at their in home appointments to see how its done while gaining valuable knowledge and experience.

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If you excel as a Puppy Class Instructor and Dog Trainer, the next level up is Dog Behavior Consultant (DBC). Dog Behavior Consultants help dogs with all kinds of behavior issues; fear, anxiety, stress, nussance behaviors and more.

Our DBC’s make up to $27 an hour and are called in to solve all kinds of dog behavior problems.

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In addition to being paid well to work with dogs and puppies, our staff members enjoy a flexible work schedule and employee discounts.

This is not a traditional 9-5 job. We work in the evenings for puppy classes and in people’s homes during the day. Some weekend work is involved too. Each session or class will be unique and different so you need to be able to think on your feet and adapt and change as needed.

Once you are fully trained you will be operating on your own for the most part, so you need to be dedicated and self motivated. We expect our team members to take pride in their work, follow up consistently, be on time, be willing to put in the extra mile and be there for your clients. If you need someone following up to make sure you got things done, this isnt the job for you.

As a smaller company, people who are dedicated, driven and work hard stand out. We pride ourselves as having a non-corporate, family feel. We want people to work with us, not for us.

If you are still reading and think you are a good candidate for us, here are the hard requirements to be considered:

  • You are passionate about working with dogs professionally.
  • You are fully vaccinated for Covid or willing to get a booster.
  • You live inside the Omaha metro area.
  • You have your own, reliable transportation.
  • You are available to work from 6 PM – 9 PM M-F with a consistent schedule.
  • You don’t need time off on a regular basis (not including emergencies or special occasions set in advance).
  • You are self motivated and trustworthy.  Much of this job involves working independently, without supervision.
  • You are active and able to stand unassisted for hours, take a dog out for a run or deal with big dogs getting physical (jumping up, pulling you while on a leash, etc).

If you have natural dog skills, a solid work ethic and meet ALL of these requirements or skills, fill out the form below.

Employment Form
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Have you ever had a puppy (under 4 months)? *

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