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Welcome to Dog Gone Problems. We are a team of Dog Trainers (Behaviorists actually) who will help you put a stop to your unwanted dog problems through personalized at home dog training sessions customized for you and your furry friend. We primarily work in Omaha and Los Angeles, with occasional travel to other locations.

For 99% of our clients, we only need one session to put a stop to your dog problems (after rehabilitating nearly 2,000 dogs, we’ve only needed more than one session for a dozen clients).

We are able to achieve such quick and dramatic results by using Dog Psychology, positive reinforcement and many of the same communication cues dogs use with one another.

We offer a flat rate for our in-home sessions. The rate is dependent on your location, number of dogs and the issues you need help with. To get a quote for an in-home session, fill out the form below. We will give you a call to discuss your dog’s issues and how we can help.


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Dog Trainer Vs. Behaviorist

We like to say trainers teach dogs where Behaviorists teach people. A better way to say it may be that dog trainers teach dogs to do things (sit, lay down, shake, roll over, etc) where Dog Behaviorists teach dogs to NOT do things (chew up the couch, run away, barking, jump up, etc.).

We start each session by sitting down with the dog and their guardians to discuss what you want to accomplish, then come up with a custom strategy that puts a stop to your unwanted dog problems. Once we determine the right technique for your dog, we will coach you and the members of your family through it until you get the same results.

After your session, we will follow up with you by phone to make sure you are getting the dog training results you want. After the session we remain available for you to call or email with any questions you may have.

We will also post a detailed write up of your session that includes a roadmap for success along with videos that go through the techniques and exercises we will teach you. You can read any of these success stories by clicking the Session Write Ups link on our website.

More About Us

You can find literally hundreds of client testimonials on our facebook page or the highlights on our website’s Testimonial link. Our clients always tell us we are the best dog trainer they have ever seen.

You can also read the weekly dog behavior column we write for newspapers by clicking on the Weekly Behavior Column link or check out our media coverage on our Press page.

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If you are tired of rearranging your life because of your dog’s problems, we can help you. Just submit the form above and tell us about your situation. One of our dog behavior experts will give you a call to personally discuss how we can put a stop to your problems once and for all.

You can have a calm, balanced and well behaved dog tonight.


Remember, everything you do trains your dog. Only sometimes you mean it.