Dog Obedience Training for Omaha

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Does your dog seem to have selective hearing? Maybe your pooch only listens when they want to? Does your dog only listen when you have a treat handy? Or maybe you have a young dog and just want to make sure you get started off on the right foot.  Since 2012 we have offered Omaha’s premiere dog obedience training program.

We love helping dogs learn to listen to and obey their humans. We schedule our obedience dog training sessions at the client’s home because teaching your dog to listen in the place they spend the majority of their time is where you need to start.

We have found that often the reason a dog isnt responding is its confused, distracted or just needs a little dog training. Sometimes as humans, without realizing it, we do things that confuse our dogs by being inconsistent, use too many different command cue words or try to train the dog in the most difficult way possible. Our first step is covering all those issues to make sure you and your dog are communicating clearly on both sides.

In Home Dog Obedience Training

Our at home dog obedience training sets you up for success by creating a plan that is specific to your dog’s energy, personality and needs. Just like humans, dogs learn in different ways. Our job is to identify what works for your dog, then show you how to take advantage with the methods the trainer will share with you. Thats why dogs we train seem to pick up on things faster than with other trainers and why we win won best dog trainer of Omaha every year.

Our trainers receive extensive training before we start sending them out to help people with their dogs. The wont just show you how to train your dog, we will show you some dog training secrets that motivate your dog to want to listen to you. Once your dog understands what you want and is motivated to listen, its impressive seeing how quickly a dog can change.

Our preference is to show you how to train your dog. We try out different techniques until we find one that works for your dog. Then we will coach you through the same technique until you get the same results. This way your dog has an even deeper respect for you as their leader which helps with dog obedience.

If dog training isnt your bag, we got you. We can come out and do all the training for you. Our professional dog obedience trainers can come to your house a few days a week to do the obedience training for you. Depending on the difficulty level of the exercise, we can have your dog trained within a handful of sessions, then show you the cues so you can enjoy the results. This isnt as economical as doing the obedience training yourself, but is a great option for people who dont have the time or skills needed to successfully complete a dog obedience training program.

If you are ready to get your dog to listen and respond to you when you want, the first time, fill out our Dog Training Request form. Our Booking Coordinator will call you to discuss your dog training needs, explain how we work and answer any question you have or set you up with an appointment to get started.

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