Teaching a Dog to Wait for Permission to Exit a Door to Develop Self Control

By: David Codr

Published Date: April 22, 2020

For this Omaha dog training session we go over the secret to teaching a dog to sit and wait for permission to go out a door to help 10 year-old Pitt mix Diesel and his roomie, 2 year-old Pom mix Whiskey develop some self control.

Diesel had a few bad experiences with white men in the past which resulted in some reactive behavior at times so we ended up working with Whiskey when it was time to share the secret to teaching a dog to wait for permission to go through an open door.

Training a dog to wait at the door isn’t hard if you take your time and practice in gradually increasing levels of difficulty. This technique to get a dog to wait at the door was more elaborate with two stopping points, but very doable. I asked the guardians to practice a few times a day with each dog separately at times when they are calm and no neighbor dogs are outside. This will help both dogs practice some self control which will help with their barking and fence fighting.

Id like to see the guardians also practice some basic obedience outside via some clicker training. First they will need to prime the clicker a few times (3-4). Once that is done, they can use the clicker to help the dog go into work mode and know exactly what the humans want from them.

I also went over how to keep the dogs out of the kitchen or behind an invisible line. Establishing boundaries and enforcing them consistently is a great way to help the dogs practice some self control and listening to the humans.

I asked the guardians to practice the dog behavior tips we covered in this in home Omaha dog training session for a month and let me know if they have any questions as well as a progress report. We may need to set up a follow up session to work on Diesel’s reactivity separately once his humans have developed a healthy leader follower dynamic.

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