How to Let a Pacific Palisades Puppy Out of its Kennel Area the Keeps it Calm

By: David Codr

Published Date: June 24, 2020

Clementine CC scaled - How to Let a Pacific Palisades Puppy Out of its Kennel Area the Keeps it Calm

For this Pacific Palisades puppy training session, we worked with 11 week-old Bernadoodle puppy Clementine or CC, sharing the secret to getting a puppy to calm down before being let out of its kennel or confinement area.

Since no one in California is currently offering puppy classes due to CoronaVirus, I set the family up with the emails we send out to suppliment our puppy classes in Omaha. Those emails include all kinds of puppy tips to make raising and training CC easier.

That said, there is no substitute for socialziation. I recommended the guardians have their daughters reach out and see if any class mates have young puppies to set up play / socialziation meetings in back yards. I also recommended they talk to thier local pet store so that they can help connect them with anyone in the area with a young puppy. Puppies need to play with puppies of a similar age (within 2 months) to help them properly socialzie as adult dogs often dont correct due to a pheromone puppies give off.

Puppy socialization is so important because puppies learn more in an hour of playing with similarily aged puppies as they do in a week’s worth of training from humans. Setting up back yard play dates allows social distancing and while allowing the pups to develop social skills and confidence.

Another thing that will help is teaching the puppy to stay calm at times she normally gets excited. Many people confuse excited for happy in dogs and puppies, but unhappy is an unbalanced state of mind that can make it hard for many dogs to perform well or control themselves. You can learn how to train a puppy to stay calm when letting it out of the kennel, crate or long term confinement area by watching the free postive puppy training video below.

If the guardians get into a habit of waiting for CC to calm down before reaching for, unlatching or opening the door, she will start to calm herself down. This is an easy way to teach a puppy to stay calm and it will have many benefits. Fortunately, you dont have to be a professional Mini Bernadoodle dog trainer to do it, just follow the steps in the video.

To help the family remember all the puppy training tips we covered in this in home Pacific Palisades puppy training session, we filmed a roadmap to success video that you can watch below.

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