Tips to Stop a Santa Monica Bulldog From Jumping on People

By: David Codr

Published Date: October 26, 2017

For this Santa Monica dog training session we were asked to train 3 year-old Bulldog Charlie to stop jumping up on guests who visit him and his sister Grace.

Charlie’s jumping habit only occurred to new people when they first come over. When a dog jumps up on someone who just arrived, it can be the dog’s way of claiming the person or letting them know the dog is an authority figure.

As Santa Monica’s dog behavior expert, I knew I first needed to address the leadership structure in the home in order to get Charlie’s to stop jumping on people. I suggested a number of rules and boundaries as well as ways to enforce them. It will be important for the guardian to consistently reward or disagree with the dogs within 3 seconds.

I also shared some positive dog training tips like petting to reward desired actions and adding structure to petting to help the dogs start to see and respect their guardian as their authority figure.

Now I was ready to show the guardian how to get Charlie to stop jumping on guests who come to visit. You can get this dog training secret for free by watching the video below.

Because I had already spent a couple of hours with Charlie before shooting the above video, his jumping habit didn’t show up. The guardian will need to schedule visits from friends and family members who haven’t met the dogs yet in order to properly apply this dog behavior tip.

By the end of the session, the dogs were starting to sit to ask for attention and looking at their guardian in a different light. It will be important for the guardian to stay consistent with these changes in order for the dogs to develop new permanent behaviors. But based on how well the dogs responded during the session and their guardian’s desire to stop these dog problems, Im betting these changes wont be too hard to implement.

We finished up the session by shooting a roadmap to success video with a summary of the dog training tips and suggestions I made during this in home dog training session.

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