Bio – Dominique Smith

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Dominique Smith – Puppy Class Instructor, Dog Trainer

It takes some people decades to discover what they want to do with their life. Not Dog Gone Problems Dog and Puppy Trainer Dominique Smith.

“Growing up I always knew I wanted to work with dogs,” says Dominique. “I loved them so much that I taught family members dogs new things every chance I had. Before I could officially work, I would pet sit for family and friends.”

Dominique was inseparable from the family’s dog Charlie, a wonderful Golden Retriever who spent most of his time following young Dominique around the house and yard.

Recognizing her special connection with dogs and natural dog training skills, her parents gifted her Lucy, a Miniature Dachshund when Dominique was only 8 years old. With Lucy, Dominique’s wings spread as she taught her to do over 50 tricks and commands. They also ventured into the Conformation circuit and Dog Training classes; Earthdog, Agility and Flyball.

While Lucy was more than willing, her limited stature and father time catching up to her made some of the more athletic endeavors a challenge. When she turned 16, Dominique found Marcy, an adorable 8 week old Border Collie.

Dominique took things to another level with Marcy; Flyball, Dock Diving, Agility, Frisbee, herding, Barn Hunting and a little Schutzhund. The pair’s relationship inspired Dominique into dog training even more; instilling a deep seated desire to help other people have the same relationship with their own dogs.

Dominique’s first professional dog job was at a Dog Daycare facility. She loved it so much it never felt like work to her. She worked there until she graduated High School.

When Dominique went to college for Pre Veterinary studies, she took her running buddy Marcy as an Emotional Support Animal. Dominique taught her over 100 commands in between studying, working at a vet clinic and volunteering at a local animal shelter until she earned her degree.

Dominique Marcy Back scaled - Bio - Dominique Smith
Dominque with a Marcy on her back, one of the 100 commands she taught her dog

When she moved back to Omaha, Dominique got another job at a different Dog Day Care Facility for a few years then worked at a Vet clinic. While she loved working with the animals at those jobs, she realized her true passion was to bring the best out of dogs by working with them in a training capacity.

Right before being hired by DGP, Dominique added Coyote to her pack. This feisty Australian Cattle Dog pup was her most demanding dog by far, but Dominique was up to the challenge.

“I really appreciate the relationship I have with Coyote,” Dominique explained. “He has proven to me that not every angle in dog training works for each individual, sometimes you have to get creative and expand your knowledge.

When I get an in home client that is having a hard time connecting with their dog, I think of myself and Coyote. I am now able to relate on a deeper level with those guardians who’ve had a more difficult time training their dog. It’s so rewarding to see those break throughs, I get emotional when the guardians thank me for helping them build the relationship that they wanted with their canine companion. I live for those special moments!”

After months of training and job shadowing at DGP, Dominique started leading her own puppy classes in 2020. A few months later, she started to do in home dog training sessions with puppies from class as well as adult dogs.

Dominique is highly skilled at any kind of dog training, but heeling and loose leash training are some of her specialties. He Border Collie Marcy has a million dollar heel that is ipressive to witness.

Client’s marvel at Dominique’s skillset and patience. Several google reviews reference how Dominique gave them confidence and reduced their anxiety by showing them what their dog could do, then coaching them through the exercise until they get the same results Dominique gets. A human and canine trainer!

In her spare time, Dominique enjoys working with her personal dogs, listening to podcasts, meditation, yoga, and spending time outdoors.

You can sign up for Dominique’s puppy classes (Center location) here or her Loose Leash Walking class here. If you are interested in booking Dominique for an in home training appointment, please use this link.